Learning Chinese in Berlin

So I recently startet learning Chinese. My primary motivation was to learn an Asian language. The choice was between Japanese and Chinese. While both cultures are extremely interesting Japanese would have helped me to dive into the Japanese culture (especially comics and anime in its original language) and its people. However the Chinese language seemed like the more reasonable choice for what’s to come in the future. With China on the rise in every sector it feels like having a (basic) way of communicating and understanding in Chinese is the better strategic choice. Even though English will probably still be the world language #1 for the next centuries, having a second option for presenting oneself felt like a good idea.
If you happen to think about learning Chinese in Berlin, you could check out this teacher: http://www.chinesisch-lehrerin.de

If you’re looking for an app to support your studies have a look at https://www.pleco.com. That app literally offers everything you need to improve your learnings additionally to the courses.

August 28th, 2019