macOS Sierra: Upgrading PHP to 7.x

For those of you who want/need to upgrade PHP to version 7 and keeping it simple: There’s a neat tutorial on

Just run the following command on your terminal:
curl -s | bash -s 7.1

After you upgraded to PHP 7 you need to update your PATH and save it in your ~/.bash_profile:
export PATH=/usr/local/php5/bin:$PATH;

Check your PHP version on the terminal:
php -v

Februar 18th, 2017

The reactive programming paradigm

I think I’m getting old. There’s a new programming paradigm floating around (for four years) which I’ve barely heart of. And now that I know it exists (by „stumbling“ over it via learning Angular 2) I can’t imagine coding without it ever again. There’s even a manifest (see:

Reactive programming focuses on the change of a state over time not just on the state in that particular moment.
The inevitable advantage of that kind of programming is that we actually don’t need to take care of the new state but let the application handle everything necessary (like seen in Angular 2’s Two Way Data Binding).

As debugging is also affected by the paradigm it was very unfamiliar to work with streams and observables at the beginning. You can’t console.log your way from everywhere in the application. You have to follow the „flow“ (i.e. stream) to get the desired information. But once you got used to it, working reactive feels more natural than the old approach.

Februar 7th, 2017


Relaunched the site – and the blog.

Januar 12th, 2017